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Returning to the Gym: 9 Thoughts in 1 Minute

Upon learning gyms would close indefinitely, I had a brief moment of panic, but to my surprise, the panic was pretty short-lived.

Truth be told, I’ve enjoyed the time away to pursue working on other things.

But even fires you love need to be stoked on occasion. And like many, I'm ready to get back.

“Many” is a key word because given the global situation, it’s important we be courteous to one another.

So, here’s a list. A list of thoughts and considerations regarding courtesy and return to the gym.

On Keeping Yourself & Others Safe

1. Clean equipment before (and after) you use it.

2. If it makes no difference, use fewer pieces of equipment.

3. Bring your own water.

4. Plan your workout beforehand so as to not wander.

5. Don’t wear your work clothes into the gym.

6. Don’t wear your gym clothes around the house. They smell anyway.

7. Don’t leave things lying around because someone will have to pick them up.

8. Just because you’re okay without social distancing doesn’t mean others are.

9. Don’t leave your phone on the benches. I just...I can't.

At the end of the day, each business will have their own governances and protocols, and I hope they’re followed. I also hope exercise is the best medicine for our society right now.

Thanks for reading.

...well done

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