My 18 Favorite Dieting Foods

What makes a certain food good for dieting? I feel the best answer lies at the intersection of nutritional science and practicality. That’s what you'll get here because I don’t think fat loss can sustain with one and not the other. Before sharing the list, it’s important to answer the aforementioned question in a little more detail. So, here’s some FOOD for thought. Hah!

What Makes a Food Good for Dieting?

It’s Non-Liquid

I remember when I was dieting for a competition a few months back, one of my buddies asked me how many protein shakes I was drinking. I raised my eyebrows a little and said “None.” I thought it was an odd question because even though he was asking about the protein portion, he wasn’t taking into account the shake factor. Liquids are simply less filling than whole foods. Plus, liquid calories are a great convenience to be in a caloric surplus, so why in the world would you employ the same strategy to diet? Lookin’ at you SlimFast.

It’s High in Protein

Even if there isn’t an ounce of you that cares about retaining as much muscle mass as possible while losing weight, high-protein diets can still be to your advantage. Two reasons.

1. The thermogenic cost related to digesting protein is quite high compared to carbs and fats. This simply means it takes a high amount of energy to breakdown protein as it swims its way through your system, further increasing your daily energy expenditure to a small degree.

2. Protein is inherently more filling than carbs or fats. This is due to similar rationale as stated above.

It’s Nutrient-Dense

The biggest piece to consider when setting up a successful diet is that all-important caloric deficit over a period of time. This effectively takes your body away from homeostasis, which is great for the purpose of dieting. However, there will be times when your body fights back against this purposeful and slight form of what it perceives as starvation. It suppresses itself in many areas it deems less important to survival. As an example, I monitored my resting heart rate throughout my preparation for the bodybuilding contest I competed in.

Day 1 of the Diet: 68 beats/min

Day before the show: 39 beats/min

Of course I was dieting very hard, but the point is that the body can cut some seriously crazy corners, so we probably ought to keep it otherwise as healthy as possible. Do yourself a favor and make sure the vast majority of your food comes from that pyramid they talk about in schools.

Without further ado, here’s my list in no particular order. These foods satisfy one or more of the aforementioned criteria.

1. Salmon…tasty 365

2. Spinach…Popeye inspo

3. Salsa…greens and reds like Xmas-time

4. Whole Wheat Tortillas…better than you’d think

5. Black Beans…lots of crockpot usage here, LOTS


7. Eggs… over medium

8. Oatmeal…not just for breakfast in 2019

9. Grapes…green, only green

10. Sweet Potatoes…cinnamon added always

11. Yellow Squash…literally started tasting like candy after 12 weeks of hard dieting

12. Rice…a staple

13. Tuna…make sure you have a toothbrush handy

14. Chewing Gum…for a good full feeling, no matter what

15. Mandarins…I just like em’

16. Protein Bars…the Cookie dough flavor from Aldi is absolute class (cut the check Aldi)

17. Greek Yogurt…mixed berries, S/O Pamela Halpert

18. Freaken water…nature’s bloodstream

Thanks for reading.

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