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How to See Results & Own Them Too

Since I’ve started writing, many friends and friends of friends have asked me to create workout or nutrition programs for them. Don’t get me wrong, these inquires have been surreal and have led to some very insightful back-and-forth. Cue the shameless pat on the back. However, more often than not, I can’t play ball with that initial request. The reason being, I’m afraid they’re looking for the Golden Workout.

If a person comes to me with those intentions, sure, I could put together a program that would look very similar to mine. However, there’s a lot about that person I don’t know including and certainly not limited to…

· Time availability

· Years of training, if any

· Their goals

· Which lifts they enjoy

And much more importantly than the list of things I don’t know is what the personmay not know. Are they educated regarding…?

· How to Progress

· How to keep training enjoyable

· Tracking methods

· Etc., etc., etc.

This is my whole point. Buying a package of workouts or a meal plan means taking a tangible step to reach some goal. However, if you finish with that month of guidance and are unsure of why and how it worked or didn’t work, what good is it?

Time is better spent investing in education than tangible products.

But what does that look like…?

Investing in education is a pursuit to become your own teacher or, in this case, coach. Far too often people become complacent by only worrying about the what and write off learning the why & how. Instead of consistently purchasing short-term products that may or may not suit your body, lifestyle, or interest; create enjoyable products for yourself with a sound systematic backing.


In the works is a small business I’ve been creating to facilitate exactly what you’ve just read. I want those I work with to gain the knowledge to properly program workouts for them to continue building the bodies they want without needing the help of others. Also important is having an efficient system to track month-to-month, year-to-year. Over the last 5 years, my programming system has become something I'm quite proud of; allowing me to quickly and easily create a month's worth of workouts in a short amount of time, monitor progress, and set goals for the future.

Maybe I’m an outlier, advocating for a more learned and autonomous approach to sculpting our bodies. But I don’t think I’m crazy.

Give someone a fish, and they eat for a day. Teach someone to fish; they see results for a lifetime.

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