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How Food Temperature Affects Fat Loss

It wasn’t until I had been paying attention to nutrition for several years that I realized the importance of food temperature. This is especially the case during a weight loss phase. One day, I connected the dots and realized how much more difficult it was to adhere to my diet when consuming foods made to be eaten at room temperature (“cabinet foods”). The temperature at which a food enters your body may have no direct impact on weight loss or gain, but the decision to eat it certainly does. Why? It’s because “cabinet foods” 1) are convenient to eat, 2) come in bags, and 3) are non-satiating.

1. Convenience

When deciding what to consume, the path of least resistance is to choose things that don’t take much prep time. However, this convenience can be a detriment to weight loss because those convenient foods are often calorically dense and non-nutritive. I’d recommend filling your fridge before tempting yourself by filling your cabinet.

2. Bags

Food in your cabinet can almost always be eaten in the container it’s sold in. Those containers fit very nicely next to you on the couch, and it’s tempting to take them with you while watching Game of Thrones. This may lead to…overeating. My advice is to never eat out of a bag, can, or whatever container your food is sold in. Typically when you take food from the fridge or freezer, you have to cook it, or at the very least, plate it. Thus, you have a finite amount of food to consume.

3. Non-Satiating

Bad carbs and overeating go together like Fireball and mistakes. Plain and simple. But why is it so tempting to overeat on “bad carbs” like chips and salsa? Besides the fact they often taste great, they don’t fill you up. For instance, fill a plate with 500 calories worth of broccoli, apples, and Greek yogurt from the fridge. Now do the same with tortilla chips and granola bars from the cabinet. The amount of food on each plate is wildly different. Research indicates that food volume correlates with fullness psychologically, physically, and hormonally. The point is, healthier, more filling foods typically come from the fridge.

An empty cabinet is a full diet. Thanks for reading.

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