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Holy Crap, I Started a Business

4 months ago, I published my first blog. But it was long before then that I began working on something much larger.

Much of my time, energy, and quite frankly my persona have been geared toward weight training and becoming more muscular for a while now. That identity is how many friends, family, and (I assume) strangers see me. The concomitant result in that shift has manifested in a greater number of people asking questions, paying attention, and reading my words.

That’s pretty neat.

The world we live in is filled with misinformation that can spread in the click of a button. It’s littered with “fitness products” that focus exclusively on the What and don’t address the Why or How. It’s riddled with Instagram Bios that read “DM for Coaching,” and quite frankly I don’t even know what that means. The result of these forces is the suppression of autonomy and knowledge because those are scary ideas to companies or personal trainers relying on your dollars month-to-month, year-to-year.

I wanted to create a business for people looking to get leaner, stronger, or bigger.

I wanted to do so in an environment that fosters both learning and doing, not merely the latter.

I wanted to combine the education akin to a Doctor of Physical Therapy, the strategies of an athlete, and the mindset of someone who has a life outside the gym.

I wanted to teach people that significant changes in one’s physique can be done practically and efficiently with the right mentorship.

Of course, these products aren’t for everyone. But maybe you have a friend, parent, child, neighbor, or mailperson who might benefit from them. I can confidently say you’d be benefitting them and me if you’d SHARE both vocally and socially.

So with that, I’m excited to share the SERVICES I’m providing .

If you’d do me the courtesy, go ahead and tap this LINK to learn more about what I’ve created.

Thanks for reading.

...well done

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