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15 Quotes From My First Bodybuilding Show

Though my blog is in its infancy, my posts have been largely educational. Don’t get me wrong; that’s the direction I’d like the blog to take. However, you can’t be serious all the time. With that said, I competed in my first bodybuilding show recently, which was a ton of fun. The experience was unlike anything I’ve ever faced, and I took many mental (and some electronic) notes throughout the day of competition. For those of you unaware, a typical bodybuilding show consists of two parts – a morning and evening show. You’re on stage for maybe 20 minutes the whole day, but you’re around each other in a tight, little room for hours, getting more tan, pumping up, etc. So, if you’ve ever wondered what a group of spray tanned, muscular individuals say minutes before they flex on a stage in front of hundreds of people, here’s what you came for.

“Oh s***, I’m melting on the floor.”

“Are my toenails too long?”


“Dude, you walked through my video.”

“Do you think my arms are too big for my waist?”

“I think I popped a blood vessel in my eye.”


“He’s ripped but nowhere near shredded.”

“I’ve got the peanut butter, but I need more rice cakes.”

“Do I look tight?”

“I’m so tired of smiling.”

*more pushups

“I can’t wait for donuts. No…, tacos. Like, 10”

“I pretty much only ate lettuce and tuna the last week of my diet.”

“Who’s bigger?”

*Guy pours salt in his hand and eats it (This was the best thing I saw bar none)


“Yup, I should’ve trained my abs.”

“If I’m poking out, you’d tell me right?”

In all seriousness though, it was a tremendous time competing against such dedicated and talented individuals. It’s a culture unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Many of these guys and girls have full-time jobs, families, the whole nine, and it’s incredible the dedication, ferocity, and gumption they bring to their craft.

Thanks for reading.

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...well done

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